Paweł Czubik

The maze of European Union legislation: An analysis of Regulation No 650/2012 on matters of succession based on selected questions – qui prodest?

Excerpt: If anyone asked me how the private law of any community of states in economic cooperation should be created so that it serves the citizens to the highest degree, my answer would be that it should start with the harmonisation of substantive law. First, the states should create a situation where the interpretation and application of similar legal institutions are very similar, and in some cases, even identical. Naturally, there are solutions that exclusively specific to the legal culture of a given state (making harmonisation difficult), but for the majority of substantive civil law institutions, national solutions emanate from the same source of law, namely Roman law and the Great Enlightened Codifications based on it.

Dr. Pawel Czubik


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A brutal war is being waged in the European Union between the disciples of normality and abnormality, morality and amorality, restricted sovereignty and full subjection, i.e. between nation states and federalists.

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On 9 January 2020, a number of leading personalities in the European Parliament, including Guy Verhofstadt, Manfred Weber, Iratxe García Pérez, Ska Keller, and Helmut Scholz, in representation of the liberal, Christian democratic, socialist, green, and left-wing groups, submitted a motion for a resolution to the European Parliament recommending a conference on the future of Europe.

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