About us

The European Council for Civil Cooperation (EuCET), in cooperation with the member organizations of the Polish Gazeta Polska Clubs and the Hungarian Civil Cooperation Forum (CÖF) was established on the 25th in Budapest. In the establishment of our organisation also participated French, Finnish, German, Macedonian, Swedish, Serbian and cross-border Hungarian NGOs and personalities

The founding leaders of the organization are Tomász Sakiewicz, editor-in-chief of Gazeta Polska and Dr. László Csizmadia, chairman of the CÖF.

The main purpose of EuCET is to preserve Europe’s Christian cultural heritage, to preserve its traditions, to protect nation-state sovereignty and to build European cooperation on nation-state cooperation, the concept of Europe of Nations.

We want a strong Europe in which, for example, the general political resolutions of the European Council, the forum of the Heads of States and Governments, cannot be overridden by lower-level Council decisions. Also, it have to be expected that the European Parliament will be involved in interinstitutional consultations. It is important, and a step in the good direction, the re-thinking and strengthening the European Citizens’ Initiative.

Our position comes from our belief in the popularity principle, on the basis of which the source of the law and its depositary is the people, which exercise directly or through their representatives, origin of all rights of the state power. This is now the core element of every modern European constitution.

We consider it important to enforce the idea of national sovereignty, which in our view means the independence of the nation states that make up the European Union, on the basis of the principle of sovereign equality of states, and their capacity to act freely in line with the international norms.

By strengthening the moral base EuCET wants to re-direct the Union to the original ideas of founders and large-scale politicians shaping the community over the earlier decades.

We believe that Helmut Kohl has dreamed about a Commission and other EU institutions in Europe which are not only about the specific provisions of the Treaties, but also on the spirit of the Treaties when preparing individual decisions.

This presupposes responsibility for the future of the next generations, the prevention of harmful federalist and even super-federal aspirations, and the preservation of civil self-defense, the unification of individual and community will, and the defense of the nations of Europe.


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