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Crimea and the Left: It's an Intellectual Wasteland Out There

As tensions ratchet up between Russia and the U.S. over the Crimea crisis, the American left seems to be lost in the wilderness and caught in a silly intellectual straightjacket.

Sweden needs a scenario like the Hungarian

The demographic challenge in Europe

This study on the demographic developments in the European Union aims to give an overview of the global demographic situation showing the reasons for the acceleration and slow down of the growth of the world population, and how the weights of the different regions changed as a consequence of the uneven growth rate of population.

Demographic suicide in Europe, an existential challenge, no less

The main problem for Europe in the 21st century comes from demography. You have big trouble with your single currency and your enormous debt, but your demographic problem is more important. With a healthy demography you can overcome debt problems. There will not be Italians or Spaniards in 100 years. Are you doing anything to fight this?

The energy policy of the European Union

The EU's energy is completely unfounded and will destroy Europe's economy, even if the negative impact of the economic sanctions against Russia could be avoided.

Values and Identities of East European Nations

Economically, while the EU was distinguished until 2004 by a developed and generally prosperous North and a South that was catching up, the enlargement towards the East and South-East considerably increased the wealth gap between countries, which can now range from 6 to 1 per capita, as between Luxembourg and Bulgaria.

Hervé Juvin: An European manifesto of Localism !

Localism means the return of politics : Referendum of local initiative ( RIL ) ; strict limitations on digital identity, digital money and digital currencies ; relocalization of strategic industries, finance and banking activities ; local platforms and local control on the use of datas and algorithms ; mutual recognition of norms and standards ( what is good in some place is good across Europe) ; protection of common goods against private capture ; extensive information on the "where", "how" and "by whom" any product or service provided across Europe are produced and distributed ; effective decentralisation on the basis of subsidiarity - any decision to be taken at the lowest local level possible ; stricts limits on the Intellectual property rights (IPR) and the rent driven economy they create ; transparency on foreign investments, local and national control upon NGO's and Foundations financed from outside countries ; strong incentives for mutual and cooperative structures ; etc.

Decisions of the European Court of Justice on the primacy of Community law and sovereign decisions of national constitutional courts in the light of the progress of the European integration process

The primacy of Community law is based on the idea that if there is a conflict between an aspect of EU law and the law of an EU Member State, EU law will prevail over the national law of the Member State, and will be the specific body of law that constitutes the legal system […]

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