Tamás Gaudi-Nagy

European values and globalist-patriophobic assaults against national identity and the defence against same, by national state, legal and civil rights protective measures.

Excerpt: Nowadays, increasingly more Europeans deem that we feel Europe with our hearts, we build and defend it with our hands, but we can only preserve it with our faith and our courage. Because a colossal danger is threatening traditional European national communities. They want to crush the subsidiarity and solidarity of our unprecedented European values that have crystallised over centuries, and especially our national identity, Christian faith and culture, on the basis of scenarios of unprecedented magnitudes and extremely cunning schemes and unsustainable background power plans. We can agree that the European Union “must not turn into some centralizing steamroller which will destroy the diversity of lifestyles and even out natural differences.” It is particularly important for Europe to safeguard its versatility and to avoid being forced into some sort of European state cage.

Dr. Tamás Gaudi-Nagy


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