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Dear Ms Ursula von der Leyen,

Dear Mr David Sassoli,

You, as the leaders of two defining core institutions of the European Union, are, by virtue of your positions, required to monitor political events in Member States, thus including Hungary. For going on ten years now, Hungary has been deemed a sort of “battleground state”, though not because of its elected officials or the masses that support them, but, as far as we can tell, primarily due to the experiments of external and internal forces who consider Hungary and the nation to be their enemies and are exercising pressure in the interest of overthrowing the legitimate Christian democratic and conservative course. It should be noted that one of the most important tools used by these groups (parties and NGOs) is the disinformation campaign that primarily aims to discredit the Hungarian nation in the eyes of European institutions and their leaders.

Another example of this behaviour is the fact that six parliamentary and other opposition parties have written an open letter to EU institutions in which left-wing politicians envision a single party system and attempt to set the Hungarian people against their national government and its legitimate Prime Minister, both of which have been re-elected with substantial majorities three times over, using what can only be called the usual methods of making untrue statements and half-truths.

The majority of the Hungarian people find it hard to bear that the European Parliament and the social liberals who have taken up with the Hungarian opposition attack the decisions passed by the legitimate, democratically elected National Assembly, led only by political interests, trampling the EU’s legislation based on common values. As the main organiser of the several hundred thousand strong Hungarian peace marches, our organisation feels that it will be necessary to once again display the unfettered strength of Hungarian citizens and their commitment to the sovereignty of the people, democracy, and the rule of law, once the COVID epidemic has passed. It is inevitable that we take action against the activities led by Ferenc Gyurcsány, a liar who corrupts the EU system of alliances, to integrate the opposition’s miniature parties. To take seriously the messages of the failed, power-hungry DK prime minister who made a fool of the EU’s institutional system between 2002 and 2010 and the reports of the vulnerable everyday figures in the miniature parties who join him is a grave mistake.

The Civil Összefogás Fórum [Civil Union Forum] (CÖF) and the Civil Összefogás Közhasznú Alapítvány [Civil Union Non-Profit Organisation], as a civilian umbrella organisation that defines the national Hungarian community, together with the Európai Civil Együttműködési Tanácskozás [European Civil Cooperation Council], firmly reject the base and deceitful attempt at trying to create the semblance that the fragmented left-wing opposition, burdened by conflict and collapsed at the latest parliamentary by-elections, has any right to hold a conversation in representation of all Hungarians with the leadership of the EU or any of its sovereign Member States. Not only is this laughable, it lacks all foundation in public law or public policy.

As proclaimed by our Fundamental Law, we are proud that this people fought in defence of Europe for many centuries and, through its talent and diligence, has contributed to the enrichment of the common European heritage. We proclaim that the self-determination of our State, lost on 19 March 1944, was restored on 2 May 1990, with the formation of our first freely-elected representative body. Most members of the Hungarian opposition who today refer to themselves at the “democratic opposition” started their political careers along the lines of national socialist or state socialist views, committing irreparable sins, including sins against fundamental EU values.

Based on the above, we trust that Ms President and Mr President will handle all initiatives aimed at dividing the Hungarian nation and at misleading the rest of Europe with the critical approach they deserve. Although you may disagree in certain issues with our civil community, which enjoys widespread support, as also seen in the Hungarian peace marches, and although we may not share the same ideological platform, there is no doubt that we are both interested in maintaining a common European Union consisting of strong Member States on the basis of honour, wisdom, and common sense, where we must push out external negative political and economic, thus especially financial speculation, attempts to influence the internal integrity of and to divide the Union.

Budapest, 19 November 2020

Kind regards,

On behalf of the Civil Összefogás Közhasznú Alapítvány [Civil Union Non-Profit Organisation] and the Civil Összefogás Fórum [Civil Union Forum]

Dr. László Csizmadia, Dr. Izabella Bencze, Dr. Tamás Fricz, Dr. Zoltán Lomnici, Jr.


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